Zebb Quinn Missing – Disappearance of Zebb Quinn

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Zebb Quinn Missing – What happened to man who went missing from Asheville, North Carolina since January 2000.

North Carolina, U.K – Zebb Quinn has been missing since January 2nd, 2000. He was reportedly seen last on the said date in the area of Asheville, North Carolina.

According to reports, Quinn had just closed from his shift at the Walmart in Asheville, North Carolina. He was supposedly headed to his home but never got there.

What happened to Zebb Quinn?

The question what happened to Quinn cannot be fully answered completely as he is still considered a missing person at the time of the report.

However, what we know is that Quinn was said to have planned traveling to Leicester with one of his co-workers, to buy a new car. Quinn was said to have met with his co-worker and they both opted to leave but Quinn was said to have changed his mind and decided to go home instead but never made it home.

Zebb Quinn search:

Authorities began search for Quinn immediately he was reported missing. They questioned all who were last seen with him. In the interaction Owen who was last seen with him said he was involved in an accident and went to the hospital after although no record was available to back up the claims.

The case was said to have received increased visibility in 2012 when the show ‘Disappeared’ covered the case.

As the case progressed, Owen was arrested in the disappearance of Quinn. Owens was said to have later admitted to killing a family by accidentally running over them, and also pleaded guilty to two counts of dismembering human remains.

Owen further more pleaded guilty to the disappearance of Quinn but no body was found to that effect and he didn’t plead guilty to the killing Owen.

Reward to find $2500:

A reward was placed to help find Quinn. The reward is opened for anyone who brings information that helps find Quinn.

Has Zebb Quinn being found?

Quinn has not been found at the time of this report and still remains missing. This post will be updated as soon as there is new development.

Anyone with information on the case has been asked to call 911.