Zak Mortensen Death – Obituary, Zak Mortensen Succumbed to Covid Pneumonia

Zak Mortensen Death – Obituary – I’m an older brother to Zak – the most incredible fighter I have ever met in my life. My brother and I were born with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and while mine has been considered stable, Zak’s was not. At the age of 8, Zak was fitted with his first cardiac defibrillator to help with cardiac arrest, and when it shocked him a few months later, we knew it was time for a transplant. At the age of 10 in 2014, Zak received his first heart transplant.

Zak lived life to the fullest until December 2020 when he became very ill and had to be life-flighted to Houston from El Paso in severe heart rejection. He fought hard, had two heat pumps, and talked about the possibility of a total artificial heart before a new heart became available to him. He recovered very well. Because of the Plasmapheresis, he underwent for his rejection, he was not eligible for his first Covid-19 Vaccine.

After his second booster, Zak suffered from inflammation around the heart (Pericarditis). He recovered after a two-week stint in the ICU and went on to dream about becoming a doctor. His passion was emergency medicine.

Zak Mortensen Death – Obituary, Zak Mortensen Succumbed to Covid Pneumonia

In fact, even though all of this, Zak managed to graduate early and be accepted to Southern New Hampshire University for Spring 2022.

On December 17th, Zak was diagnosed with the Delta Variant. Everywhere we went, we wore masks. We were vaccinated but it wasn’t enough. Zak fought hard – so hard that his body just became too tired to continue. He succumbed to Covid Pneumonia on January 1, 2022, at 3:13 pm. Our brave warrior will now and forever be our hero.