Zach Corliss dies in car accident

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Zach Corliss Death – Obituary: Zach Corliss has been confirmed dead following the fatal accident that happened on Saturday, 28 August 2021.

Societyalert is yet to get information that contributed to the crash. It is still under investigation by the officials.

According to information gotten on Facebook, Debby Corliss Cohn said, “Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a giver, not a taker. I’ve always found it difficult to accept help. The past 4 days I’ve screamed from the mountaintops to anyone that can help Zach Corliss. My family and I appreciate every little shout out on his behalf. Still waiting for transport… z is ready… Memorial is ready… come on Lee County, please get my son transferred! (The photo below Madelyn Corliss posted to her brother).”

Zach will be greatly missed by his family and loved ones. He was loved by so many prior to his death.

Our prayers are with the family of Zach. Take heart…