YouTube Nikocado Avacado; Photos and Videos Revealed

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Who is Nikocado Avacado?

Nikocado Avacado, (Nicholas Perry real name) a 28-year-old YouTube star known for extreme eating videos is a native of Ukraine, the YouTuber became famous in the US when he changed from vegan lifestyle to a very unhealthy feeding habit; as a result of “eat and Stream” videos of gluttony contents for the internet. He went frenzy negatively on the internet. According to reports he has battled a lot of ailments due to his obsession with food, that led to his unhealthy feeding lifestyle.

He finally agreed that he had an unhealthy feeding lifestyle, but then it’s too late to stop because, YouTube was his source of income and sustenance. He moved to Colombia to Ukraine in 2014, stayed there for a little while before he relocated to the US in 2016. While in the US, he admitted that he was a vegetarian no more and he developed health issues such as vitamin deficiencies among others. In the same year, He jumped into the Korean video series “mukbang” and featured loads of food in his videos, which earned him more subscribers at the detriment of his health.

Due to the rapid change and increase in his body he weight he began to worry, he reportedly told the Men’s Health that he lost his libido and was battling with erectile dysfunction due to overweight, overeating, obesity among others. He was seen eating junks again after he told the public that he broke 3 ribs while in bed following a sneeze and currently has hard breathing. He’s said to have received professional help and has been placed on vitamins.

Nikocado Avacado Social Media Reactions

His subscribers took to their pages to show concerns about their loved content creator; “This man threw all his life, he’s not funny at all”, “The crazy thing is that he didn’t realize how bad he got, he was very sad”, “He’s sad, he’s also very disturbing. “We actually saw a man slowly commit suicide in front of the camera.