Would-be car burglar shot, killed by homeowner in Kingwood

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Officials of the Montgomery County sheriff’s department are scrutinizing a deadly shooting incident in the area of Kingwood.

Police disclosed an alleged intended car burglar was shot and killed late Thursday in Kingwood.

The incident took place at about 9 p.m. in the 22700 block of Adrift Row Lane, according to reports.

Official said a homeowner Motion Detection Camera(MDC) alerted him of movements in his drive-in.
Authorities said the man, on going out to check what was going on, found a man,23, he does not know sitting inside his vehicle. He shot and killed the man after asking him to leave but the 23-year-old refused.

Specialist S. Squier with Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office stated “As the male homeowner approached the vehicle, (he) ordered the name subject out at gunpoint, he became aggressive, uncooperative repeating a statement, ‘I will not go back to prison.’”

Officials said as the contretemps continued, the homeowner the fired two shots, striking the suspect, who then collapsed and was later pronounced dead, reports states.

Officials are yet to disclose the identity of the man pending when the family gets informed of the incident.

Multiple law enforcement agencies, including Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Texas Rangers and the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, are investigating the shooting.

It is unclear if the homeowner will be charged or not.