By Muhammad Atef | May 4, 2021

Woman hiking in woods locates missing person

On May 3 at approximately 3:51 p.m., Monroe Township police received a call from Emma Bodmer who was hiking the trails in Thompson Park.

Bodmer advised that while hiking she came across a woman who appeared to be in distress deep into the woods, according to information provided by police officials. 

Bodmer called the police and ran out of the woods to meet the responding police units. Once with the police, she escorted the police units to the distressed female.  

Once at the area of the distressed female, officers on scene were able to see that the female was reported missing May 1 after she was last seen in the area of the 7-11 in Jamesburg, according to the statement.

The woman was suffering injuries to her feet and was carried out of the woods by Monroe police and Monroe fire. 


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