William Hurley Missing – Disappearance of William Hurley

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William Hurley Missing –  Was the 24 year-old who went missing from Boston, Massachusetts in 2009 a victim of the ‘smiley face killer’?

William Hurley, 24 year-old at the time he went missing was said to have been seen last on October 8, 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts. He had reportedly left the Boston Bruins game which was going home at the stadium.

According to report, Hurley called his then girlfriend to pick him up but at the time she got there he was said to have left and was not seen after then.

William Hurley search:

Extensive search was carried out after Hurley suddenly disappeared. The authorities carried out search for him but did not find him.

Authorities believe he was lost as his girlfriend said during their last call he seemed lost an was asking for description before his phone died.

A week after his disappearance during the search his body was found in the Charles River.

William Hurley death:

According to multiple sources, Hurley was believed to have drowned as his body was found inside the river which is close to his last known location.

Authorities said they suspect ‘foul play’ in his death as he had suffered blunt force trauma to the head, an eye socket and behind his left leg. GHB, a date rape drug, was found in his system, along with alcohol. His cell phone, which had been badly damaged, was also discovered near 99 Nashua Street.

Hurley’s death was ruled as an undetermined drowning by the Medical Examiner.

The Smiley Face Killer:

At the time there was a patterned killing by someone known as ‘the smiley face killer’ who was killing people and usually drew the smiley face at areas close to the scene.

Hurley’s death was considered amongst other that followed same pattern.

” Hurley’s mother, Lynn Martin, “I had heard of the Smiley Face theory before and wasn’t sure I was on board with that, told Oxygen.com. But the more I hear and the more I talk to Kevin Gannon, I kind of agree with their theory.”

The phone of the 24 year-old was also found but it was already badly damaged and could not be of help in the case. Authorities believed the phone was intentionally damaged before it was ran over by a car.

Ellington a phone technician told the police after examining the phone that “When somebody wants to destroy a phone, it’s always take the battery out, discard it, and then they do what we call a ‘twist and separate,'” said Ellington. “If you go to twist it, you’re gonna get a lot of torque and resistance from the first hinge. The second hinge popped easy.”

There is still no proven facts as to what really happened to Hurley that night.