Will Nutter Accident- Will Nutter dies in Motorcycle Accident

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Will Nutter Motorcycle Accident 

Will Nutter Death – Obituary: Will Nutter has been identified as the victim that died in a fatal motorcycle accident.

It was gathered that his bike hit a mountain road in Colorado.

He suffered brain injuries from the crash.

The nature of this accident is not yet clear as officials are yet to release statement on the vehicle crash.

Wil was such a great person and loved life.

Friends and well wishers are expressing their grief concerning the death of the deceased.

According to McKenzie Nutter, “Will’s brain injuries were too severe for him to come out of it. His body will be used for organ donation, which could not be anymore fitting for this selfless man who did anything he could to help others.

I’ll forever miss you Will, and I’m thankful for the many memories you gave me. As you wrote on my last $2 bill from our fishing competition this summer, “Until Next time…”
Favorite quotes from Will:

“Here, hold this fish closer to the camera to make it look bigger”
*catches first fish* “Kenzzzzz…have I told you that I’m good or what?”
“That trip was epic!”

“You know the rules, two shot minimum.”
“You may learn a thing or two riding in the car with me (*winks at the music playlist).”
“Listening to the Dixie Chicks does not mean getting your man card taken away.”
“Love ya Kenz.”

Randall H. Miller wrote, “Will Nutter – sitting Chair of the TREE Fund Board of Trustees and President of Wright Tree Service was removed from life support this afternoon. He somehow lost control of his Harley on a mountain road in Colorado last Saturday and struck his head, suffering what turned out to be fatal injuries.

The photo is Will two weeks ago with me and my fellow CNUC Tour des Trees riders – Tom Ordway and Karen Jenkins. I had a lot of respect for Will, recruiting him to eventually become President of the Utility Arborists Association and to the TREE Fund Board. In turn he was instrumental in my joining CNUC. Sad business.”