By Muhammad Atef | June 11, 2021

Why was Officer X hospitalized two months before his death?

Officer X, the IDF intelligence officer who died in military prison last month, was hospitalized two months before his death for a medical emergency, Maariv revealed on Friday. 

This detail was revealed to his family only after his death. Furthermore, he didn’t share his hospitalization with anyone. 

About two months before he died, Officer X, whose identity remains under a gag order, was admitted to the emergency room at the Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa. 

He was released without being transferred to another unit, and the reason he was admitted remains unclear. 

The investigators on the case are expected to look into whether this hospitalization may have been related to his death two months later. 

Media reports said that the autopsy carried out after his death found traces of antidepressants and antipsychotic medication in his blood, prescribed by his psychiatrist. 

The intelligence officer was in military prison for alleged offenses that caused “severe damage to national security,” according to the IDF. 

“The officer cooperated in his interrogation and confessed to many of the acts attributed to him,” the IDF said on Monday, adding that the investigation found he had “acted independently for personal motives and not for ideological, nationalist or economic motives.”

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