By Muhammad Atef | June 11, 2021

Who Was Chinna Dua? Radiologist And Social Media Influencer Who Passed Away Due To COVID-19

Dr Padmavati Dua, who was affectionately known as ‘Chinna Dua’ passed away at a private hospital in Gurugram on Friday evening, as per reports. She was 56 old and was suffering from COVID-19 complications. Who was Chinna Dua

She is survived by her husband,  journalist Vinod Dua, who is also infected by coronavirus, and her daughters, actor and comedian Mallika Dua and Bakul Dua. The family has not issued any statement on her demise as of yet.

Besides being a radiologist by profession, Chinna Dua was also a social media influencer. She described herself as a “medical doctor, singer, passionate cook, saree wearer, vlogger, mom, and human,” on her Instagram account. Her social media account is a testament to her love for traditional Indian sarees.

Who was Chinna Dua?

  1. A Tamilian born and raised in New Delhi, Chinna Dua was a doctor and social media personality.
  2. She was affectionately called by the name ‘Chinna’ which in Tamil means ‘small’. This is because she was the youngest in her family.
  3. Dua was raised in a family, where studies was give a lot of priority.
  4. Dua used to say, her parents were feminists, and that they were well ahead of their time.
  5. She initially wanted to become a gynaecologist, also did a housemanship for 6 months in the same subject. Later she had to take a break of 7 years till her children were old enough to go to school. And that’s when she decided to switch her stream.
  6. She started pursuing Radiology, and worked at the Diwan Chand Aggarwal Imaging Center for 24 years till it shut down in 2016.
  7. In August 2019, she took a sabbatical.
  8. She embraced social media at the age of 56, and started creating content related to health, cookery, and of course, sarees. In an interview to SheThePeople, she said, “learning to take selfies on Instagram, editing my videos in lockdown learnt myself – I feel very proud of myself. It keeps me going. It’s important to keep re-inventing yourself.”
  9. Dua was full of life and advocated the same to all on social media. Chinna Dua said in the interview with SheThePeople, “In my mind, I’m always young. I’m 60, but in my mind, I’m 16. I still have to remind myself of my age sometimes. It’s an attitude yaar.

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