Who is Valentino Victoria? Photos and Videos Exposed

Who is Valentino Victoria?

The American model, YouTuber, social media influencer, and fitness enthusiast “Valentina Victoria” was born in 1993 and she’s reportedly from California. Victoria has a large number of fans on her popular YouTube channel where she’s garnered over 543k, she uploads contents like exercise programs, clothing transportation and fashion.

Victoria was born into a Christian home and has American citizenship, sources have reported that after she obtained her degree, she joined the fashion industry and now prefers to keep her early life a secret. Her diet is basically a lot of vegetables, fish, nuts fruits, etc. and this aids her flexibility and stretching-related exercises and waist training.

The YouTuber is an intuitive person, her body is flexible due to yoga, other exercises and her diets too to an extent. She’s never mentioned her plastic surgery on any social media platform, but filled her lips to improve it’s beauty and thickness.