Who Is Trayce Malachi? Archive 81 Cast Age And Wikipedia Bio

By | January 13, 2022

Who Is Trayce Malachi? Trayce Malachi is an American child actor who has been acting since the age of 4. He has successfully developed a significant position for himself in Hollywood. Moreover, the child actor has been highly influenced by his twin sisters Talia Simone and Tari Ayana, both of whom are actors. Trayce Malachi is an American child actor. His age is 11 years old as of now.

The actor was born on 28th December 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Not to mention, Trayce is a multi-talented person. He knows very well how to handle his studies as well as his acting career hand in hand. In fact, he had started his acting career at the early age of 4 years old.

Trayce is the youngest member of his family. He stands 5 feet tall and looks healthy for his age. It is said that he has been A1 since Day1. Rumors say that he started walking at just nine months and that he could read at just 18 months.

Moreover, Trayce became professionally engaged in the theatre business at the age of 6. Likewise, the entertainer has been featured in some of the great movies like Come Sunday, Tag in 2018, Bricked in 2019, Emperor in 2020, and They Clone Tyrone in 2021. Recently, he has played a role in the Netflix show “Archive 81”.

Who Is Trayce Malachi? Archive 81 Cast Age And Wikipedia Bio

Furthermore, the actor loves being in the limelight and has developed a powerful personality that people cannot easily ignore. Trayce Malachi is raised by a single parent. He along with his twin sisters are being raised by their single mother Ty Baker.

Besides being a single mother, Ty is an author, screenwriter, and educator. Needless to say that Ty’s parenting has really made her life joyful. She expertly manages all of her three children’s education and career side by side.

Trayce has twin sisters as his sibling. They are named Talia Simone and Tari Ayana. Both of the twins are into acting. This is the source of Trayce’s motivation to become an actor.