Who is SomecallmeJohnny? Everything You Need To Know About the Youtuber

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Somecallmejohnny’s Real Age.
Somecallmejohnny was born on the 27th of July 1987 (34). He lived with his mum since he started his career on YouTube, he informed his fans via his vlog during his MGS Marathon that he’d be moving to his own residence, and now lives there with his brother/camera man, Mark. According to reports, the Puerto Rican gamer is said to be a meek fellow, a helper to his friends in need and also very receptive of people’s ideas and opinions. He is not one to let sentiments get in the way of his reviews. During his reviews he is rarely angry, but can be professionally calm, sarcastic and witty at the same time. He is also thankful to his fanbase, at the end of his Donating Games, he thanked everyone for donating games to him and watching his videos as well.

Where’s Somecallmejohnny from?
Somecallmejohnny hails from Puerto Rico and is also Puerto Rican gaming Youtuber, who makes funny gaming reviews. He currently lives in the US. In 2008, he started his channel under the name Super Gaming Bros, where he posted funny game reviews alongside his younger named Elliot. In 2018 the game reviewer moved to a Cellar apartment (Basement), to shut out noise.

Somecallmejohnny’s real name
The Puerto Rican YouTuber has revealed his name to be Juan Ortiz, according to reports he prefers to be called Somecallmejohnny as he is well known by that name other than his original name.

Somecallmejohnny Net Worth 2021 Analyzed
Though he makes cool income from his channel, his worth is expected to rise in coming years, the Puerto Rican game reviewer, Somecallmejohnny’s net worth as of 2021 according to reports is said to be a whooping $148,000. He is also actively seen on Twitch, it is alleged that his YouTube channel generates about $2500 monthly.

Somecallmejohnny instagram and Twitter accounts.
According to reports the game reviewer couldn’t be found on Instagram but was found on Twitter as @somcallmejon. He is actively seen on twitter where he interacts with his fans and posts glimpse of his works.

Somecallmejohnny Wife and Parents.
According to reports nothing has been found about his parents as he rarely talks about his family. All that was learnt about his mom was that he lived with her when he started his career before he moved to his Cellar apartment, his marital status is still unknown but his younger brother Mark and Sabrina became a couple at the end of Twitch

Somecallmejohnny series
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