Who is Nathan Borg, Hard of hearing actor in Neighbours, Age, Girlfriend, Wife, Career, Charity, Education, Height, Weight

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Who is Nathan Borg?

Nathan Borg is an Australian Model and Actor. Borg, is widely known for his role as Curtis Perkins in the Australian series “Neighbours”. This role marked a major breakthrough in Borg’s career because it was the first time anyone with hearing impairment was cast in the series and He became the first actor with a Cochlear implant on Australian TV. Borg was born six weeks premature and had meningitis, he received a cochlear implant at age two. He had to go through series of speech therapy as a child and he constantly had to wear hearing aid which affected some of his physical activities. He has however mentioned that he had supportive family and friends while growing up.

Nathan Borg Education

Nathan had his education in Australia. Borg started off as a model before he discovered his love for acting. He has mentioned that he had to put in a lot of extra effort academically as a child while in school because of his disability. He was constantly physically/verbally abused and bullied by other students. He however also said that he had a group of friends who helped him through that phase. While in drama/acting school, Borg stood out as the only student in his class who had a Cochlear implant.

Nathan Borg Career

To Nathan Borg, being cast in the Soap Opera “Neighbours” was a dream come true for him because that was a show he had followed since childhood and his favourite character was Bridget Parker. The role has helped him to create awareness for people with hearing disability. He feels a sense of responsibility to use his new found voice and platform to effect a change. His love for acting was sparked by previous participation in school productions, although he had minor role, it was enough to spark up his interest. There is no doubt that Borg has won over a lot of hearts with his commitment to create awareness for other actors living with hearing disabilities and encouraging the industry to cast them.

Nathan Borg Charity, Instagram 

Borg is part of an online organization called “People with cochlear implants,” and he also follows some deaf Instagram accounts. Borg has also stated that he would like to be an ambassador for an organization for people with Cochlear implants. Borg is on Instagram as @nathan_borg and has over 2k followers. He posted on his Instagram on “International Day of People with Disability” the caption below

With today being ‘Internationall Day of People with Disability’ it’s only fitting I can finally announce my one year secret! 😅

I have arrived in Erinsborough! @neighbours Let’s give a warm welcome to Curtis Perkins! He is the youngest teacher at Erinsborough High ever! He is passionate about his dreams, a bit o f a jokester and always up for a challenge!

This role isn’t just a role for me, it’s a ro le that represents people who are deaf and people with disabilities. I am here to prove as an actor that I can portray any character and storyline. I am beyond thrilled to be Australia’s first actor with a cochlear implant! Let’s fight for diversity!

Curtis is a perfect example of why we should employ more people with disabilities in the workforce because they will not disappoint!

Will Curtis bring drama to Ramsay St?
I don’t know, your gonna have to tune into @10peachau and @channel5_tv in the new year!

Don’t forget to watch @channel10au tonight between 5pm and 6pm for a special interview with myself on Neighbours! 😁🦻🏼”

Nathan Borg Girlfriend

Nathan Borg is currently in a relationship with Kate Moore who is also a popular Australian model and actress. She has appeared on prominent magazine covers and was also Miss Tourism Australia in 2020/2021.

Nathan Borg Age, Height

Nathan Borg is 30 years old. He is 5ft 8inches and 178 cm tall.