Who is Doug Ford daughter, krista? – Photos and videos instagram and reddit

By | January 1, 2022

When everyone in Ontario wants to know where Doug Ford is hiding, his eldest daughter Christa Haynes (formerly known as Ford) may be the most eye-catching member of the Ford family. Now, she has posted another questionable post on Instagram and is back in her previous anti-vaccination plan.

We have already seen Krista (or Qrista, because her critics call her a nod to the QAnon-style theory) made several rants about the perceptual tyranny being implemented in Ontario, ironically, under her father’s leadership Next, it seems that she just didn’t give up.

After her police officer husband lost her badge due to not being vaccinated, Krista’s latest post on the IG story lashed out at the province’s COVID-19 portal, which stated that “due to technical difficulties, the number of cases in the vaccination status data And the number of cases is not currently available.”

But Krista attached her own “translation” to the screenshot, where she told her followers, “Because of being vaccinated and spreading the new coronavirus at an alarming rate, if we listen to the opinions of other medical professionals, We can expect this to grow in the discussion about the experiment. Vaccines, we can’t show you the data.”

Haynes-the sweaty pioneer of antiviral aerobic exercise and a supporter of scientific denial theory-told her followers that she “everything she did was to make you feel safe” and said “if you want all The lenses, you should have the right to take them. You should have the same right not to take them.”

But the thing is this: people have the right not to be vaccinated, just as restaurants and shops have the right not to accept the business of unvaccinated people and put other customers at unnecessary risk.

Rights are a double-edged sword, and no one will deny the right of anyone to remain unharmed and voluntarily separate from society.

However, Krista doesn’t just complain about vaccines and public health restrictions; she also has over-the-counter painkillers in her sight. Her recent crusade (krusade if we use the Ford family naming convention) was to save us from the danger of… Tylenol?

Ford compared acetaminophen—a drug that has been used for about a century and a half—with comfort food, telling her followers that the drug can double the disease, but did not cite any source. She also likened it to comfort food, saying that the drug “makes you happy” but “slowly kills you”.

Nevertheless, according to another post showing her daily health status, Krista seems to have a long list of supplements and pills she is willing to take. Although some commentators mentioned that she lacked key “supplements” such as the unicorn tail and the eye of the newt, the irony may be lost in the translation.