Who is Amy Tapper, Gogglebox, Weight loss, Trolls, Age, Boyfriend, Net worth, Husband, Education, Celebs go Dating

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Who is Amy Tapper

Amy Tapper is a British reality TV star, she came to limelight at age 13 in 2013 when her parents signed up for the channel Four show Gogglebox. She alongside her Dad (Jonathan), Mum(Nikki) and her brother Josh were on the show. She was on the show from 2013 till 2018. Googlebox is an unscripted reality show that showcases families in their day to day lives. The show gained a good following and has an Australian spin-off. The family currently live in North London, and her dad is chauffeur while her mum Nikki is a nursery teacher.

Amy Tapper Gogglebox – Celebs go Dating 

Amy’s adventurous spirit wanted to try out new things and have new experiences, on August 3rd, 2018, The Sun revealed that Amy had quit Gogglebox to go on Celebs Go Dating. A source said:

Amy has grown up on TV and has always been with her family on Gogglebox so to see her out doing her own thing on Celebs Go Dating will be amazing”.

Another Insider had this to say about Amy “She comes across as quite shy but she’s really funny and quick witted. Fans are going to love her.” On the show Celebs go dating, Amy became romantically attached to a boy called Ace and they continued together throughout the series.

Amy Tapper Weight – loss

Amy says she’s been dealing with her weight since she was eight.  In 2016, Amy was a target for cyber trolls and was bullied heavily for her weight. When fellow Googlebox star Viv Woerdenweber showed off her weight loss, cyber bullies decided to ride on this wave and made savage comments that Amy should take tips from her as regards weight loss. The family made no comment about this but Amy spoke up in one of the episodes of the show when she told her family that;

Even though being big is unhealthy, just as beingtoo thin is unhealthy, it is portrayed as a bad thing. Fat is a way to describe someone, slim is a way to describe someone, pretty is a way to describe someone. But the word ‘fat’ is used as an insult.”

The reality star was finally jarred to reality when an embarrassing seatbelt incidence occured on an airplane (She had to ask for a seatbelt extension). She felt so bad but motivatedso she started her weight loss journey and has so far lost 3 stones in weight which has given her life a new turn.  Amy recounted how confused she was when she received conflicting information from her Nutritionist and personal trainer, her Doctors had misdiagnosed her and made her believe she had slow metabolism but yet has managed to lose so much weight by simply dieting and following dance routines on YouTube while the nation was in and out of lockdown over the last year. She told the publication of her time on Gogglebox: “People genuinely thought I sat there watching TV all day — as if that was my life, as if I didn’t ever go to school. They thought that all I ever did was sit on the couch eating chocolate and sweets, or that I was just oblivious to the fact I was big and overweight.”

Amy however insists her weight loss is purely for herself and not to please anyone else.

Amy Tapper Boyfriend

Although there was a romantic spark between Amy and Ace, the boy she met on the show “Celebs go Dating” Amy is still single but ready to mingle.

Amy Tapper Age – Education 

Amy was born on January 7, 2000 in England. She is 21 years old. Not much is known about Amy’s education or where she studies. She is verified on Instagram as @amytappsx with 77.5k followers.