Where’s Charles Chucks? Dead or Alive?

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Is Charles Chucks dead or alive?
Who is Charles Chucks?

Charles Chuck Johnson, is a musician and composer resident in Oakland, California. He’s bent on correcting instabilities and flaws that reveals magnificence, working on pedal metal guitars, experimental electronic, movie and TV composition, among others. Series of his works have been exposed by VSQ, Thrill Jockey, Short-term Residence, among others.

He’s an International traveler and has carried out on the Hopscotch Competition, Sydney competition, Debacle Fest, Liverpool, Psychedelic Music Competition, San Francisco Digital Music Competition, Siren Fest and San Francisco Worldwide Movie Competition. Johnson’s award as a a film composer includes the soundtrack for the HBO movie “NonPublic Violence” and the famous show “Somewhere in The South” and “The Chefs Life” . In 2009, he achieved a master’s degree in electronic music and cross-media art from Mills Faculty.

As at 2011 to 2015, he launched triple guitar solo records-A Struggle Not a Thought, Crows in the Basilica, Blood Moon Boulder, which has turned into the touchstone of the post-Takoma Data solo acoustic guitar format. Balsams his debut pedal steel guitar-delivered what Pitchfork called “Single” and a “a sad hymn made up of layers of slippery strings, based with Zen-like majesty”. 2 years ago he teamed up with Marielle V. Jakobson to launch their first LP for short-term Residence Ltd as Saariselka. After Johnson’s widely known Balsams LP, The Cinder Grove furthered his study in the possibility of combination of pedal string guitars, including string ensemble and piano.