Where is Sheena Easton?

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Is Sheena Easton Dead or Alive?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Where’s The Pop Singer?

In the early1980,s Sheena Shirley now known as Sheena Easton appeared on the screen as a pop up singer. over the decennary, Sheena has delivered several hits and has won two Grammy Awards. She’s popularly known for her singles ‘Morning train and James Bond movie theme ‘For Your Eyes Only’, sexy Strut’ also her collaborations with Prince and Kenny Rogers. For years now she has studied commercial performances and performances in depth.

Who is Sheena Easton?

Born on the April 27, 1959 in Bellshill, Scotland. Sheena Easton formerly known as Sheena Shirley Orr, is the youngest of six children. Alex her father who worked as a steel worker died when Easton was 10, her mother had to do jobs to sustain the family. Sheena found out she wanted to sing for the world at a very young age, from the influences she got during her growth, ranging from Barbra Streisand to Motown, soul music and rock music in the 1970’s. she was seen at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

After her appearance at the BBC reality show ‘The Big Time’, she knew her breakthrough moment had come, She became the first artist female artist to top top 10 songs in the UK since the 1950’s. in 1981 her album was recognized in the United States. her song was ‘Morning Train’ from’9 to 5. (because Dolly Porton has released a track with the same name)

Easton won the Grammy award for the best newcomer and Grammy Award for Best Mexican-American Performance for her duet with Luis Miguel. At the end of the decade, she released ‘The Lover in Me’ in 1989, an album a distinctly urban contemporary sound and productions in LA.

‘The Lover in my Heart’ album didn’t perform well in business , though it made it to the top 20. Easton collaborated with Irving and the Gershwin Brothers in 1993, to release the jazz/blues standard compilation. ‘no Strings‘. She recorded songs for Disney series ‘Phineas and Pherb‘ in 2009. ‘My Cherie album‘ was released in 1995.