Where is Miya Markano. All you need to know about the missing 19 year old

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Who is Miya Markano and Where is She From?
Miya Markano is a 19 year-old teen from Orlando. She was last seen on Friday 24 of September at 5pmnear wearing a blue t-shirt, near the university of Central Florida in Orlando.

Where is Miya Markano?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                A search was said to be conducted on the 26 September in the wooden area behind her apartment building. Her last location was said to be near the University of Florida in Orlando, at the Arden Villas apartments on Arden villas Boulevard. A search was launched for Markano.

Miya Markano’s Height and Weight
The missing teenager was said to be 4’9 with 130 pounds. She lives on the complex and works at the leasing office and should have caught a flight home on the day of the event, but she didn’t board the plane.

Miya Markano Might be in Trouble                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Due to this is still an ongoing statement, Markano’s family didn’t speak to the press including Channel 9, following the advice by law enforcement. Markano’s father shared her picture on his social media page saying “this was the she was the shirt she was wearing when she was last seen-it was also reported that there were evidences of struggle in her room-and she may be in danger”. Officials have refused to give details on this case and have also promised that they are trying their best to locate her. The case has raised dusts as it came soon after the sudden disappearance of a lady who was later found dead. A 22 year-old vlogger, Gabby Petito, has gone missing after embarking on a vacation with Brian Laundrie. A manhunt has been launched against Brian Laundrie following his disappearance after Gabby’s body was found. We hope she will be found soon.