When Did William Tyrell Go Missing – Disappearance of William Tyrell

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When Did William Tyrell Go Missing – This question has been coming up lately so we are here to give an answer to it.

William Tyrell went missing onΒ  the 11th of September 2014.

What happened to William Tyrrell?

The question what happened to Tyrrell cannot be fully answered as he is still considered a missing person at the time of this report.

However, what we know is that William was seen last on 11 September 2014. He was said reportedly outside the home of his foster grand mother in Sydney playing with his foster sister when he suddenly disappeared. His foster mother who was outside with them but went in to make tea said at the time she came back she did not see Tyrell and all attempt to locate him failed.

William Tyrrell search:

The foster parents of Tyrell began search for him immediately they noticed he was missing. The searched the areas but did not find him.

Authorities began search for him immediately he was reported missing but the search did not yield much. Rural Fire Service and members of the community searched day and night for Tyrrell. Motorcycles and helicopters were brought in to search. Two hundred volunteers reportedly searched overnight, hundreds of people combed rugged terrain around the home and police divers searched waterways and dams. The police searched every house in the estate that surrounds Benaroon Drive several times.

According to sources, Tyrell is believed to have been abducted. ‘The police later began investigations into finding the drivers of two cars that were seen parked on the dead end road on the morning Tyrrell disappeared. The cars, described as a white station wagon and an older-style grey sedan, were parked between two driveways of the acre lot of land. They were seen with their driver’s side windows down and were unknown in the neighbor hood where locals are friends. These cars were noticed by Tyrrell’s mother and they have not been seen again since the time he disappeared.’

All efforts to find the boy who should now be 10 years old has not been successful as he is still missing.

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William Tyrrell description:

Tyrell was described as a White male who has brown hair and brown eyes.

No distinctive features or birth marks has been given.

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