What Killed Mel Thompson? Famous YouTuber is Dead, Cause of Death Analyzed

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Is Mel Thompson Dead?
What Killed Mel Thompson?

Who is Mel Thompson?
It saddens us to announce the death of Mel Thompson. The famous YouTube content creator’s demise has saddened the whole world, the well known beautician died at the the age of 35 and we as well as many people are curious about her family’s current situation. She passed away after her most recent birthday and her husband confirmed her demise by posting a tribute to her vis Instagram.

Mel Thompson Husband; Puffin Thompson
Mel Thompson and her husband Puffin Thompson fell madly in love, dated and were married for several years before her demise. They were so close to the extent that internet users gave her “Puffin’s Wife” The couple have 4 kids together before the demise of his spouse.

Mel Thompson and Puffin Thompson Children and Family on Instagram
According to reports, Mel posted few photos of herself with her lovely husband and cute children but she posted many of her selfies and make up tutorials on Instagram. The deceased is also a famous YouTuber and had about 169,000 subscribers. Her Instagram handle @mel.thomp where was seen, was very active and she garnered about 59.7k followers and has over 1.6k posts.

How Did Mel Thompson Die?
According to reports, Mel suffered different ailments, but she’s suspected to have died of Ehlers-syndrome; inherited disorders that kills the skin, joints, and blood vessels primarily. Mel was didn’t shoe signs of weakness or sickness when she uploaded a video on YouTube where she discussed beauty and other related topics. She was fine just a few days ago, her colleagues in the beauty world paid their tribute and also praised her creativity. Her obituary didn’t say the exact cause of her death. Our thoughts are with the family.