What Happened To Juan Williams? New Job And Health- Where Is He Now?

By | January 13, 2022

What Happened To Juan Williams? Juan Williams is an iconic journalist and political analyst. He has worked with numerous top-notch media houses and publications throughout his career and is an exemplary veteran in the field. Williams has worked with “Time,” “The Washington Post,” “NPR,” “The Wall Street Journal” among many others.

Likewise, his career and professional updates are one of the most intriguing things about him.Juan Williams got infected with the Covid-19 virus in the 2020 winter. The news has become the headlines as the top-named journalist was fighting for his life in the pandemic.

Rest assured, he overcame the situation and returned to his work inspiring others to do so. Covid played a big role in his career decision afterward as he had decided to leave “The Five” on Fox News as he realized his motive for the future.

Williams announced that he decided to stay in D.C with his family and spend time with them.Juan Williams may have left his job on “The Five”, but he has not completely severed ties with Fox News.

What Happened To Juan Williams? New Job And Health- Where Is He Now?

He is currently based in D.C. while “The Five” moved to the Fox News headquarters in New York last year. The legendary journalist is still intact with Fox News as their political analyst.

Meanhwile, he also works as a columnist for “The Hill.” He is active on social media especially Twitter and shares his work whereabouts regularly.

Likewise, Williams is proud of his work as he is also the author of his published book, “What the Hell Do You Have to Lose?” It seems he won’t be retiring from his journalism career as he has dedicated his whole life to his professional works. We hope to get more into his thoughts and plans for his life and update this section as soon as possible.