We regret to announce Neil Davies Death

Neil Davies Death, not Neil Davies Obituary – Our prayers for a beloved one who has just left the world for eternal rest. Unto the hands of Almighty God, the maker of heaven and earth we commit the soul of our Neil Davies who has recently passed away. We pray today that God grants Neil Davies peace that lasts from everlasting to everlasting. A peace that can never be compared to what has been in anyway enjoyed on earth.

As Davies relations and friends mourn this big loss, we pray that God grants and renews their strengths every day to be able to carry on despite how traumatizing and devastating this moment could be. May the beloved ones of Neil Davies be assured that you oh, God is with them. That you are their comforter and strength in times of weakness. That their trust and believes in you may never fail them.

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The world has lost a great soul in the person of Neil Davies whose during his lifetime has made a great impact on humanity. This death news was received with an utmost shock and in this, we pray for a spirit of comforter to embrace each and everyone mourning this loss.