Watch the first teaser of Urusei Yatsura’s new anime

By | January 4, 2022

Urusei Yatsura is one in every of Rumiko Takahashi’s best-known works, having already been tailored into anime in 1981. The official web site of the brand new anime from Urusei Yatsura, by Rumiko Takahashi, was performing a countdown that ended this Saturday at 13:00. On the finish, a promotional video teaser was launched saying the principle solid of the anime.

The collection will adapt tales from the manga by Rumiko Takahashi, aiming to final a couple of seasons, the primary of which can premiere in 2022. See teaser in Urusei Yatsura Subsequent:

Synopsis of Urusei Yatsura

“Revisit the acclaimed romantic comedy about an hapless human boy who meets a beautiful alien princess in this big issue with new translations and new cover designs. In the series, Ataru Moroboshi’s supernatural encounters with the female type begin when he is chosen to play tag with an alien princess named Lum, who invades the earth in her UFO. Ataru has ten days to touch Lum’s horns or aliens will take over the Earth! It turns out that the game of tag is just the beginning of Ataru’s troubles as he continues to attract strange encounters with supernatural beings like the beautiful snow spirit Oyuki and the sexy goblin crow Princess Kurama!” (by way of Viz Media)