By Muhammad Atef | June 11, 2021

Veteran TV Actor Died at 87

Let’s be entirely honest and say that there are plenty of us that aren’t going to recognize every celebrity that comes up in the news these days unless we grew up watching them or saw them rise to their current position in Hollywood. That doesn’t mean that the celebrities we don’t know about are any less important, since people like Robert Hogan still made their careers work and were instrumental in a number of ways since the mere fact that they were in the business at one time is enough to state that they made an impact. It might not be an impact that a person can easily see or even recognize, but it’s an impact all the same since they were there and made their own mark on the business that will remain there for as long as recorded history allows it. Saying that he was a great actor, one of the best, someone unique, and unloading many other well-worn cliches would be a bit of dishonor to a man that lived a life and created a reputation that wasn’t the most stellar in the industry but was still respectable.

Many actors like Hogan have come and gone and done their thing, been recognized, and have touched many people in different ways with their acting. But the fact is that unless a person has changed the industry standards in some way or stuck out in a manner that will be remembered across generations, then it’s likely that many will nod their head in respect and say goodbye to another celebrity whose time has come around. There’s no insult to it, no degradation to be foisted upon a name that many might not know and some might barely remember, but there is respect to be given to a man that found his way into the business and remained there for quite a long time. =

By 2019 Robert was done with the business and had stepped away, but the sad part about this is that back in 2013 he’d been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, which is is anything but pleasant as anyone that has witnessed its effects can tell you. AD is a serious problem that has struck many upon many people over the years, and is, as it’s been said by many, a kind of waking nightmare for those that suffer through it, since depending on the severity, those that are afflicted tend to lose a great deal of themselves as they can no longer remember a great deal of their life, and often can’t recognize those that were closest to them. Having dealt with AD patients in the past I can personally attest that this is a difficult time for anyone that is associated with someone that has been diagnosed with the disease, as it is not kind and there is no known cure. There are treatments that can slow the disease, but as of now, there is nothing that can stop it, or reverse the effects. AD patients tend to need a great deal of care since while might not go too far from their current location, others might have a tendency to wander, perhaps seeking something familiar or simply reacting out of fear that they can’t recognize anything. As with anything in life, the reaction to this disease is seen to be different in many people, but it does sound as though Robert was taken care of, and he passed from complications due to pneumonia.

The hope is that his family, friends, and those that still remembered him fondly from his days on screen were able to pull the best memories to the forefront and remember him as he was since AD can diminish a person quite a bit as their mental faculties shut down. It’d be best to remember Hogan for all the great performances he put in during his time in the business and to recall that throughout his career he was a fairly busy person that didn’t settle that often and was always on to the next job. Like many actors, he was there to be famous, to do his job, and to entertain the masses, and it’s best that this is how he was remembered, in a positive light and with those that cared about him reminiscing over the memories that he provided and the inspiration he brought in his own particular way. Passing away at an elderly age is still tragic, but the tragedy lessens quite a bit when one realizes that the individual lived a full life, and it lessens more by knowing that his problems are over, that the AD is no longer an issue, and that he’s at peace. These ideas are there to be used in order to comfort the people who will miss him and who remember him the most. Rest in peace sir, you’ll be missed.

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