Utah teen Kandis Harris missing since July a victim of Human trafficking

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Kandis Harris missing – What happened to Utah teen Who is missing since July?

Kandis Harris, 16-year-old Utah girl who has been missing from Salt lake city for over two months hasn’t been found and Human trafficking experts are of the opinion that she may have been trafficked.

What is human trafficking?

Human trafficking is the act of forcefully or fraudulently obtaining labor or Commercial sex from an individual. According to Candace Rivera, the CEO and founder of Exitus, an anti-human trafficking organization, Modern day human trafficking is the exploitation of the “Vulnerable population.”

She expatiated that, “Anyone who has a substance abuse problem, possibly economic status, ethnicity, mental health disorders,” Rivera added.

Who are human traffickers, around me?

There are traffickers everywhere who are unidentified as it is not written on the face hence everybody has to be vigilant so as to recognice one.

Rivera said, “They’re individuals that live in your communities,”
“They eat, sleep, live and breathe here.”

From evidences reportedly gathered, human trafficking could be the case.

What is the family of Kandis doing?

The family of the teenager are really worried and are wishing to see her.

Diane Carpenter, Kandis grandmother said, “Kandis, if you are out there, and you have a chance to see this, know that your family loves you. And we want you to come home,”

She added that, “We haven’t heard anything at all from her,”

Sources say the teenager has gone off before but always reached out unlike now that she’s been gone for almost 3 months, without a word.

What are the anti-human trafficking organisation doing to recover her?

Candace Rivera said, “In this case, there are signs that Kandis is possibly being trafficked,”

She added that “One of the biggest signs is they’re not able to contact their family,

“If Kandis is still here, which we’re led to believe she is, she’s probably just being hidden very well.”

According to the information gathered Exitus investigators are solidly on the matter and want to unravel thne mystery

Kandis Harris description

She is described as approximately 5’2” and was 125 pounds when she disappeared, has hazel eyes and light hair that is dyed black.

She sometimes goes by the name “Brooklyn” and has no known tattoos or piercings.

Her family said she has medical issues that require medication.

If you have information or a tip about where Kandis Harris may be, call 801-995-8106, or call Salt Lake City Police. Her family is offering a $1,500 reward for information that leads to her safe return home.

The National Human Trafficking hotline is 888-373-7888.