Uphaar fire tragedy – Ansal brothers to serve 7 years for tampering evidence

Two Dehli real estate Barons, Gopal Ansal and Sushil Ansal have been given seven-year simple imprisonment in connection to tampering with evidence in the Uphaar cinema fire tragedy early Monday in a Dehli Court.

Chief metropolitan magistrate Pankaj Sharma of the Patiala House Court also imposed a fine of ₹2.25 crore on each of the Ansal brothers, who were then taken into custody immediately.

Reports say the verdict is in connection to tampering with the evidence of the 1997 deadly fire tragedy in which 59 lives were lost.

Police say the fire broke out at the Uphaar cinema during the screening of the Hindi film ‘Border’ on June 13, 1997, killing 59 people.

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