Update: Summer Wells Missing – What happened to Tennesse’s girl

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Social Media Negativity becoming an hindrance in the case of missing 5 year-old, Tennessee’s Summer Wells.

The Tennessee Bureau Of Investigators released a statement this week which happened to be the first official statement they have released in almost a month in the case of the missing Summer Wells.

The Investigators along with the family of the missing girl has agreed that social media is becoming an hindrance to the case as fake rumors have been spread concerning the case.

Recently, an image of a truck has been circulating on social media as the supposed truck the police are searching for in relation to the case. The Bureau has however debunked the rumors as they say the vehicle has not been found and its not same as the one being circulated. The vehicle being searched for by the Police is a 1998 to 2000 model year maroon or red Toyota Tacoma with a full-sized ladder rack and white buckets.

The statement also talked about rumors circulating about donations being asked to help the law enforcement in the search for Summer Wells, they also debunked this saying they are in no need of funds from the public in the case but only more awareness. “Agents and Hawkins County detectives have not requested investigative assistance from any private citizen.”

Don Wells, father to the missing girl also said the negativity on social media is affecting their home as well as their other kids who have now been taking into the custody of Tennessee Department of Child Protective Services. He said “People on social media are only adding to the pain the family is going through, It’s affecting my other children, who are already hurting.”

An Amber alert issued for Summer wells is still effective.

The 5 year- old who has a blonde hair, is of the white race, fair in complexion and is approximately 3’6 tall was last seen on Thursday, June 15 is believed to have been lured away by someone.

Anyone with information that can help in the case has been asked to call 1-800-TBI-FIND.