Update on Boise mall shooting

Authorities has applauded everyone who helped in keeping customer and everyone at the scene safe during the deadly shooting in the Boise Towne Square mall on Monday afternoon.

Officials say people inside had to react immediately and search for safety. Some people exited the mall. Some simply ran away from the sound of gunshots. Others said they had no quick plan. But a lot of mall employees, aware of safety procedures to follow during a shooting, helped usher people into their stores before locking the front entrance gates and hiding in storage rooms, dressing rooms and bathrooms.

“She says, ‘OK, everybody, just relax. Nobody can get to us,’” mall walker Kat Steel said of a Hot Topic store manager. “… She said you guys are all safe, we just have to sit this out here. We know how it works,”  said Boise Mayor Lauren McLean during Wednesday news conference.

“They were hearing bullets, they were close to what was happening,” McLean said. “I know that it’s tough to come back today.” Two people, Roberto Padilla Arguelles and Jo Acker, were killed in Monday’s shooting, and four more were injured, according to the Boise Police Department.

The shooter, identified as Jacob Bergquist, died in a hospital on Tuesday after exchanging gunfire with police outside the mall. Boise Police Chief Ryan Lee commended the employees and customers who were at the mall when the shooting happened.

“When we look at this event, those at the mall responded admirably and did quickly what we have learned is best practice,” Lee said Tuesday. “They quickly ushered those patrons that were in their locations to back rooms. They closed and sheltered and secured, so they became inaccessible and minimized the risk of being victims.”

boise mall shooting update