Ulduoz Wallace Photos and Videos Leaked

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Who is Uldouz Wallace?

Uldouz Wallace, popularly known as Uldouz is an Iranian actress, comedian and improvisation artist. She started the short video platform Vine, she then graduated from the comedy Major League via YouTube, her content is always full of humor, unique and never disappoints.

It is reported that she started working as an internet marketer before she gained fame, at this job, she showed interest in models and acting, she was seen on the covers of numerous famous magazines like “The Show”, “Maxism” among others. She also acted as a dancer in numerous music videos.

The Show “Living The Life of Uldouz” was curated on her her content, was loved by the audience and her talent was appreciated by celebrity actors including Will Ferrell among others. Her acting career has a good start this helped her feature in many movies with superstars. “Sister Code”, “Good Luck Chuck”, “The Man on the Tree”, “L Word” among others are some of the movies she featured in.