Tyler Dyer Motorcycle Accident, Tyler Dyer Dies In Arizona Motorcycle Accident

Tyler Dyer Death – Obituary : Tyler Dyer passed away following injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident that happened in August, 2020 in Arizona.

According to report, the incident happened after Dyer attended a party with his friend, 24-year-Hannah Gutierrez Reed, former model and her former boyfriend Aaron Butcher

According to Hannah, who informed authorities she sighted the two men drank four-five bottles of bear, but she however gave her boyfriend the her motorcycle keys.

The two men where riding the motorcycles side by side when Dyer lost control and crashed into a wall. Meanwhile, Butcher crashed as he was attempting to avoid collision with his friend.  Dyer sustained serious injuries following the crash and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Due to the fact that Hannah had borrowed Butcher the motorcycle, her insurance company paid Dyer’s parents, Joe and Sara, $50,000 following agreement not to sue Hannah in the future. While Butcher was placed on probation for driving under influence and was only to drive cars with a breathalyzer attached which the bike did not have. Because

A statement released by officials has it that, speed and alcohol seems to be factors in the crash that claimed the life of Dyer.

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