Two Teens Found Dead – Death of Hoke County student

Two Teens Found Dead Death – Obituary – Cause of death: Two teenage students found dead in the car park of Hoke County elementary school.

Two high school teenage students were found dead in a car parked outside an elementary school in Hoke County, North Carolina on Sunday, October 25th, 2021.

Britany Carolina Munoz Ramirez death:

Britany has now been declared dead after she was found alongside her boyfriend. The cause of death of the couple has not been given.

However, the police have said they are believed to have died from a natural cause and no ‘foul play is suspected in her death.

Ailton Sebastian Tirado-Martinez death:

Ailton has now also been declared dead. Cause of death was also given as a natural cause and no ‘foul play is suspected in his death.

“Hoke County Schools joins our community in mourning the loss of two of our students, Britany Carolina Munoz Ramirez and Ailton Sebastian Tirado-Martinez who passed away early Sunday morning,” said Dr Dowless.

A Facebook post by WRAL Keely Arthur reads “More details based off of my interviews with family and the Hoke County Sheriff’s Office: Britany Carolina Munoz Ramirez and Ailton Sebastian Tirado-Martinez appear to be former boyfriend and girlfriend, according to Capt. Steven Blakely, based on his conversations with the family. Despite, being formerly romantically linked, it does not appear there was any animosity between the two. It does not appear that this was criminal, according to Blakely. The bodies are in Raleigh, cause/manner of death will likely come through in the next day or two. They went to Hoke Co. High School, their bodies were found in a car outside of Don Steed elementary, Hoke County Schools.”

Body found in North Carolina:

The attention of Law enforcement was called to the scene after the body of two students was found in a vehicle at the campus of Don Steed Elementary School, west of Fayetteville in the southern part of the state.

An autopsy into the death of the 11th-grade students is to be carried out. Investigation into their death is also currently ongoing.