Two Suspects Have Been Identified In The Murder Of Edward Hunter

Edward Hunter Death: Two Suspects Have Been Identified

The Columbus Police have identified two suspects wanted in connection to the murder of a man inside Franklinton bar in July.

Police disclosed one of the suspects identified as Clyde Littlefield, 21, shot and killed Edward Hunter at the Patio Bar in Franklinton and is been charged with murder. Subsequently the second suspect identified as Logan Besse is been charged with illegally possession of firearms, which was allegedly used in shooting the victim.

Officers reported to have arrived at the scene at the 900 block of Sullivant Ave at about 2 a.m. that day. There they found Edward, who was pronounced dead afterwards.

Some eye witnesses attested to there been an argument between two men and the suspect, now identified as Littlefield, brought out a handgun and fired several shots, killing Hunter.

Police is asking the public and anyone with a relevant information regarding to the whereabouts of Clyde Littlefield and Logan Besse to call 614-645-4730 or Central Ohio Crime Stoppers at 614-461-8477.