Tristyn Bailey Missing – Found dead

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Tristyn Bailey Missing – Police releases video of the last moments of Florida girl who was found dead after missing in the woods.

NEW MEXICO, Florida – A video has been released which shows Aiden Fucci as the last person with the missing Florida girl, Tristyn Bailey before she was found dead.

According to reports, Tristyn Bailey, 13 year-old was reported missing after she was said to have not returned home. Her last known contact was with a school mate who is now a suspect in her murder.

The 13 year-old who was said to have been a cheerleader in her school, Patriot oaks Academy in Florida was seen last on Sunday, May 9th 2021. She was said to have gone missing in the woods and was reported to the Authorities.

Search began for her and her body was found on in the evening of May 9th in the woods. Investigations revealed that Tristyn was stabbed 114 times. 49 stabs was said to have been in her hands and other places which showed she was being defensive.

The police said “Over an hour later, Fucci is seen on the same surveillance camera running in the opposite direction of the woods where he allegedly stabbed Bailey to death”

According to the police, two persons has been arrested in relation to the case. One of which is Aiden Fucci, 14 year-old and the other 35-year-old Crystal Smith who was said to have turned herself in.

A video was released recently which shows Fucci, walking into the woods with Tristyn before she was killed. He however has pleaded non-guilty to the charges of first degree murder which he will be trialed as an adult.


The video also showed Crystal washing off blood from the cloth of Fucci who is her son. She is now charged for tampering with evidence & is awaiting her court date.

This is indeed a sad one and our condolences are offered to the family of Tristyn. No one should have to go through such things.

Investigation on the case is still on-going and this post will be updated as soon as there is more information.