Tristan Constable missing – 15 y/o Florida Tampa Bay Tech student who vanished for days found

Tristan Constable missing – Florida teen who went missing for days has returned home on Monday afternoon after vanishing Friday

Tristan Constable, a 15-year-old student at Tampa Bay Tech, from Florida, who reportedly went missing on Friday, has returned home, safe.

According to his mother, Leslie Phillips, he went missing on his way from school, as he never returned from school.

The 15-year-old is a Florida Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps member.

His family was so worried as he didn’t communicate with them for the while that he was away. Though he constantly spoke with his friends on social media.

What is the reason for Tristan Constable, disappearance?

Constable reportedly called the police to inform them he was safe, and preferred to go to his mothers place instead of Jason Constable, his father’s place due to a fight they had.

Leslie Phillips said, “Friday he got suspended from school for having a vape,

“They spoke with his stepmother, and then supposedly put him on a bus, but nobody saw him after that.”

The 15-year-old was really not affected by the reaction of the family rather he made fun of the family members who were worried about his safety.

His mother also said that the father of the missing teen stormed the house where he was and couldn’t find him.

sources say that the teenager went home by himself on Monday Afternoon.

Social media reaction to Tristan Constable’s disappearance

A lot of people were disgusted by the action of the missing teen while others were indifferent. Some of the reactions are listed below.

Valannín a user said, “I’d run away too if my parents had named me “Tristan”.”

abc-abc123-abc another user said, “So this kid sheltered with a friend. Assuming this friend is of the same age, why didn’t that friend’s parents notify the parents of Tristan as to where he is, and that he is OK? It is what responsible adults do. They are part of the problem.”

SurvivalistInStilettos, “Tristan needs to be charged, just as any other person is who makes false claims that sets in motion LEO and other agencies. People looking for you when they could have been looking for a REAL missing person. Costs money kid.

“I’m a high school teacher at a school where we have kids who would probably think to do the same: They know they’ll be in trouble with one parent as a consequence of THEIR OWN choices and so they think if they avoid that parent and go to the other, all will be well. Tristan is acting like a brat. Time to start growing up!

Choices have consequences.

“Tristan’s choices impacted the lives of many. Yet he found is funny to think that all these people were looking for him. Tristan needs major consequences. And the friend as “an accomplice.”

DefundthePoliticians209 another user said, “Glad he was found because I didn’t want to see a story about him everyday for the few months.”

Fairlane66, “Instead of admitting and owning my mistakes, I think I’ll run off and laugh at people worrying about me. I’m 6 years old.”

Another user said, “He was playing a game and thought this was funny 😡😡 personally I think he should have to go to work and pay the law officers and news stations for the resources they used trying to find his stupid a—! And maybe a few weekends in jail to get the point across!”