Trinidad man shot dead 3 months after wife, stepson killed

Mario Gomez Death – Obituary : Officials say Mario Gomez was shot and killed early today at St John’s Road in St Augustine, about three months after his wife and stepson were fatally shot in Arima.

Police were alerted to multiple shots fired reports at about 7:30 p.m. in the area. Arriving officers located Gomez dead with gunshot wound at the scene. Preliminary investigations shows the victim was on his way to a shop not too far from his home when he was ambushed by gunmen.

Detective say Gomez wife 40-year-old Dawn Mc Kenna and her son 19-year-old Jordan Mc Kenna, in company of 18-year-old man identified as Jeremy De Freitas, were driving east along the Arima Old Road on July 14 at about 8.40 am, when their vehicle was blocked by a silver Tiida.

Preliminary investigations showed two men alighted from the car and opened fire on the vehicle. All three victims got out of the SUV and attempted to flee the scene, but were fatally struck.

Detectives are working to determine if there is a possible connection between deaths of Mario Gomez, Mc Kenna and her son.

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