Timothy Satterlee Missing – Remains found confirmed to be that of man swallowed by alligator

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Timothy Satterlee Missing – Man missing in late August found dead in the stomach of a 12 -foot alligator.

71 year-old man who was said to have been attacked by an alligator in his residence in the New Orleans suburb of Slidell, which was covered with several feet of floodwater has been found dead.

According to multiple sources, on Monday, 30th of August the unidentified 71 year-old man was said to be outside his home on Richards Drive in Avery Estates which is said to be flooded due to the hurricane, when an alligator attacked him and bit off his hand.

Search for Timothy Satterlee ?

The local sheriff’s office was said to have commenced a search immediately the incidence was reported to them. They used boats and high-water vehicles to search for the man.

A spokesman for the Governor of Louisiana said “the state is likely to have many more confirmed fatalities given the level of destruction. More than 1 million homes and businesses in Louisiana and Mississippi – including all of New Orleans – were left without power after the storm made landfall on Sunday.”

This was a very fearful situations as wildlife creatures are suspected to have come out into the areas affected by the hurricane.

A spokesman for St. Tammany Sheriff’s Office, Jason Gaubert said “I can confirm that a man was attacked by an alligator at his home on Richards Drive in Avery Estates. This area was flooded from the hurricane. “His wife witnessed the attack. The man lost his arm but somehow made it back to his steps. His wife went to get help when she returned he was missing.”

Timothy Satterlee body found:

The body of the missing man who has been identified as Timothy has now been found inside the stomach of the 12-foot alligator.

According to report, authorities were able to capture the alligator was responsible for the missing Louisiana man. The attack was at the very Estates area near Slidell, a city on Lake Pontchartrain across from New Orleans.

Timothy Satterlee death:

Body remains where reportedly found inside the stomach of the alligator and it was taken to the coroner’s office who used DNA samples and was able to identify a match with his son’s DNA. The remains has now been confirmed to be the missing Louisiana man.

The cause of death has been established as death from the animal.

Dr. Charles Preston said “For legal purposes, a 16-point match is the general standard,” Preston said in the release. “In this case, given the circumstances, I am satisfied that an 11-point match confirms these are Mr. Satterlee’s remains.”

Condolences are being offered to the family of the man. Preston said “We offer our sympathies to Mr. Satterlee’s family as they continue to deal with this tragic loss.

Social media interaction to Timothy Satterlee: