Tiffany Duis Kansas City Missouri Obituary, Death

By | January 1, 2022

Tiffany Duis Kansas City Missouri Obituary, Death – Some days life is just down right cruel. Unfair. Shocking. Suffocating. And you just feel like you are barely hanging on. I met Tiffany on Instagram in 2014. At the time, we were both “Instagram famous” before it was the cool thing to be. Before Tik Tok. Before “reels.” Before “stories.” Just plain ole old school Instagram. We each had a lot of followers and found one another along the way.

We both were on weight loss journeys and kept a diary of our adventure to help encourage & influence others as well as ourselves. We instantly became great friends. Some people in life you just click with immediately. She was one of those people for me. She lived in Kansas City, Missouri & I in Louisiana but we still were close friends. We made effort to travel to see one another several times over the years. We met in person in 2015. Nathan & I drove to KCMO.

We went to a Royals baseball game on July 4th among many other adventures. I met some of her family then as well. After that, she and her husband, Bryce Duis, came to Louisiana and Nathan & I showed them around the south. Louisiana Tech football, the Revel & some other adventures. 2 years went by and nathan and i flew to KCMO to stay at their new home and spend time together. Our husbands got along equally as well.

Then, we both discovered we were pregnant. She was one of the first people i text that morning i found out & she text me the next month when she found out she was. I was “there” by phone the entire day she was in labor. As life would have it, we both became mothers and our lives became very busy. We still would talk just not as often and the days of Instagram and people recognizing us out in public were slowly fading but our families were our top priority. When both of our boys were about to be 2 in 2019, we traveled to Branson and vacationed together. That was the last I saw her and the last memories I have❤️
She had a heart of gold. There was never a dull moment. We laughed so so so much when we were together. We always wished we lived closer so we could hang out and drink wine after a long hard day.
My mind just cannot wrap around the news I received this afternoon. It certainly doesn’t seem real. I’m just crushed to have lost another friend. My heart breaks for her baby boy. That he will grow up without his Mommy. & my heart hurts for her that she will not get to watch her baby grow up or have more babies, that i know she wanted. Her husband and family are wonderful people. I love them all and my heart hurts for every single one of them. It just doesn’t make sense that this can be.
Sweet Tiffany, you will always be remembered. She was such a wonderful, caring teacher and i know she touched so many young childrens lives in her 7 years of teaching.
I’m so thankful for our memories over the years. I will cherish them forever. I only wish we could continue making more💔