Tiffani Nelson Death – Tiffani Nelson Obituary (Tiffany Nelson Utah, Arizona)

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Tiffani Nelson Death – Tiffani Nelson Obituary (Tiffany Nelson Utah, Arizona)

At a very tender age, Tiffani Nelson was declared missing. For two decades, Tiffani’s sudden disappearance remained unsolved until the 14th year of her sudden her disappearance, she was found dead.

Tiffani Nelson disappeared on a fine day of 1994 and was found dead after 14 years.

Tiffani also spelt Tiffany was 2-year-old when her mother died of lymphoma. She was moved to stay with her aunt and cousin and at age 9, she was declared missing and was never found till death.

Tiffani was described by her friends and family as a ball of energy and the light of their family.

The Disappearance and Death of Tiffani Nelson

According to reports, Tiffani went to rode out on her bike to a “convenience store” which was located just few blocks away from her house at 2208 Getzen Drive, South Augusta, but never returned since then.

Tiffani Nelson was last seen

Nelson was last seen wearing a multi-coloured flower shirt, blue-and-white denim shorts, and blue-and-white Air Jordan sneakers. Her pictures were distributed everywhere but did not yield any result.

The Death and Discovery Of Tiffani Nelson’s Body.

Tiffani’s bones was discovered 14 years after her disappearance by hunters in Burke County. Tiffani Nelson allegedly died from murder.

Nelson’s kidnapping and disappearance reportedly happened in a broad daylight, and for that reason and officials reportedly ruled out forced kidnapping.

Tiffani Nelson’s Cause of Death

The cause of death was not released and we have not learned about the autopsy results on her death.

Claims said Tiffani was kidnapped by a man in his 40s, wearing a Kangol cap.

What happened to Tiffani Nelson has not been published Wiki

On May 16th, 2005, two men were wandering in the wood of Farmers Bridge Rd when they discovered a human skull. The area is around fifteen miles from where Tiffani disappeared.

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the remains belonged to Tiffani Nelson. She was mainly identified by her Jordan shoes.

However, the forensics were unable to conclude her death cause or if she had been sexually assaulted – the body was just too decomposed to be examined.

Though police officials conducted years of research and questions, the case still remains unsolved. While officials are sure that Nelson was murdered by someone, the question still lingers why and how?