Tiffani Nelson dead and Obituary, Whats happened? Cause of death – Chris Nelson

Tiffani Nelson dead and Obituary – Covid prematurely adopted a different way of life. Chris is a loving and caring husband-father-son-brother-uncle and friend who lives to care for his family. Trying to honor the life of someone who was taken not only prematurely but in such a tragic way is hard to do and hard to understand. We want to give Chris the memorial he deserves. We wish we could be together in person; mourning, remembering and paying tribute to his memory.
The whole family is the most important thing to Chris.

As her closest friend, we are organizing this Go Fund Me to help our best friend as she makes her comeback from this life event and the funds from this Go Fund Me will be spent on spending. Tiffani and Chris’ families are so grateful and grateful for everyone’s thoughts, prayers and kind words. This is the morbid conversation Chris and I have in bed so often. It’s like, “You can’t die first. I don’t want to live on this earth without you. I won’t be able to handle it.”
period, in fact.

If this is not bad enough, I will say to Drew: “You know, if Chris is dead, please be prepared because I am going too”
Did I mention that I have sick talk? So it turns out that’s not true. My kids know they are the reason I’m still here. Drew told me I don’t have to worry about her now because she’s not going anywhere, so thank Chris for the parting gift.

Drew and I used to joke about more things she needs to discuss during treatment, haha. We learned that Comic Relief helped us. Thankfully, I have a support system that has taught me a lot. I realized I was doing it wrong. Now read “Option B,” Sheryl Sandberg discusses this in her book. I wish I had read it in a different context.

I’ve thought a lot about the loss of a child…a friend, not a close friend I haven’t seen in years. I think about her all the time. I didn’t reach out, I think I sent a card, but I’m not sure if I sent it or just wrote it in my head a few times. (I wish I sent it). She donated to the Go Fund Me page and to many families who have known me since my kids were in school. before we moved out. So much, I am humbled.

Modesty is really an understatement. I feel very uncomfortable when my friends stick to the Go Fund Me page. They made me believe that, like in the past when I helped others, now it’s my turn and people want to help. I need to get them. Chris wants some of the financial burden/stress to go away. I will forever be grateful for the generosity of so many.

Tiffani Nelson dead and Obituary, Whats happened? Cause of death – Chris Nelson

For my friend, I met him in my new town, I’ve only met him once but have been talking on the phone for hours. We can’t wait to get our guys to get to know each other and we know they’ll be friends very quickly. She made Drew vegan and made me the best soup I’ve ever had. She would text me to remind me to eat or ask if I had eaten today. There are days when I eat a little late afternoon when Drew heats up half a cup and insists I eat it. We call it Survival Mode for a few days. Our goal is to eat, drink, and sleep. That’s it. We decided that every year on January 6th, we would stay in bed and do survival mode. Besides wishing we could watch movies or something.

My friends have been on the phone for hours trying to fulfill Chris’s wish to donate his body to science. Impossible, #Covidsucks. It’s not just about figuring out which funeral home to send him to when option A isn’t available.