Theo Hayez Missing – New development in the case of missing Belgium bag packer

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Theo Hayez Missing – Where is the missing Belgium bag packer ? Can this new development bring answers to this question.

Theo Hayez, 18 year-old at the time he was reported missing was said to have been seen last on May 31st 2019. he was said to have gone missing from Belgium and his case is often referred to as the ‘missing Belgium back packer’

According to reports Hayez last known location was Cheeky Monkey’s on Jonson Street. He was captured by a CCTV walking down the street.

Theo Hayez Description:

The 18 year-old was described as a White male who has brown hair and brown eyes. He was also said to be of medium build.

Multiple sources gave his last known clothing as a black baseball hat, hooded sweatshirt, beige pants and black Adidas shoes.

A new light in the case of the Belgium Bag packer as authorities has now unlocked his phone.

According to reports, His mother who has been trying to unlock his phone has now su and his phone has shed more light in the case.

What happened to Theo Hayez?

The question what happened to Hayez cannot be fully answered as he is still consider a missing person.

However what we know is that the then 18 year-old had gone missing from Belgium and has not been seen or heard from since then. His social media accounts have been said to be in-active since he went missing and no transaction has been carried out on his bank cards since he went missing.

The disappearance of Théo Hayez gained widespread attention in June 2019 after his father, Laurent Hayez, flew to Australia from Belgium to find his son.

The family of Hayez has been worried and are doing all they can to find him. His parents said in an interview last year “We have high hopes in the work of the NSW Coroner and her dedicated team of lawyers, and we continue to believe that somebody out there holds information that could bring new evidence to light. We are begging for witnesses to come forward. We continue our plea to anyone who might be withholding information to come forward.”

Vinciane Delforge and Laurent Hayez, the parents of the 18 year-old said “May 31st is approaching – one year since Théo disappeared. We would like to thank the public for supporting us through this very difficult year. The generosity of strangers has blown us away and continues to help us endure this nightmare. We miss our son tremendously and together, we must find out what happened to him.”

New development in Theo Hayez missing:

The phone was tracked and authorities said some new insights has now been revealed which involves a GPS tracking which shows Theo taking an erratic route, not back to his hostel, but toward Byron Bay’s Tallow Beach. He was said to have suddenly turned onto an almost impenetrable bush track. For someone who had never been there before, it made no sense the authorities said.

The investigator said after his analysis “The tourist then unexpectedly moved away from the beach into bushland directly above Cosy Corner.The digital data analyzed by our experts strongly suggested that 18-year-old Theo Hayez was met with foul play at the hands of one or more people in the early hours of June 1, 2019. But added to their investigation was an extraordinary lead that came from the Hayez family’s website, set up to receive information from the public. Misadventure or foul play? It would seem from our investigation, the odds are in favor of Theo being in the company of someone else the night he vanished without trace. Only the police have the power to further follow the digital leads and our investigators”.

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