Thea Liddle Missing – Woman missing from Tweed found dead in Bryon Bay

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Thea Liddle Missing – Remains found  in Bryon Bay suspected to be that of Theo Hayez confirmed to be that of  Thea Liddle missing from Tweed since October 2020.

Australia – Thea Liddle, 42 year-old who was reported missing in January has now been found dead.

According to multiple sources, Thea was seen last in October 2020 but was reported missing to the Queensland Police months earlier. The reason for this delay wasn’t made known. She was reportedly seen last in Mooball, on the Tweed.

Thea Liddle search:

Authorities searched for Thea immediately she was reported missing. They searched areas where she was seen last and was said to frequent but the search initially did not yield much.

The Queensland Police conducted extensive search for the 42 year-old and also asked the help of the public in finding her. She was said to live a nomadic life but would always stay in contact with her family. Her banks and social media has been in active since she went missing.

Thea Liddle death:

According to reports, remains were found in NSW bushland and the remains has now been confirmed by authorities to be that of the missing 42 year-old Thea Liddle. The remains were reportedly found in Tallow Beach Road in Byron Bay on 15 July.

The cause of death of the 42 year-old has not been given as investigation is currently on-going.

Remains not Theo Hayez missing :

The remains were initially thought to belong to the missing 18-year-old Belgian backpacker Theo Hayez, who disappeared from the popular beach town more than a year ago.

Authorities has now confirmed that the remains does not belong to Theo Hayez and not Thea Liddle.

Thea Liddle Description:

Thea was described as a White male who has brown hair and brown eyes. She is said to be of medium build.

No distinctive features was given.

Superintendent Dave Roptell said “While the positive identification of these remains is a good result for Strike Force Holby detectives – it is also devastating news to Thea’s family and friends, While they can now lay Thea to rest, questions around the circumstances of her death remain under investigation.”

Social media interaction to Thea Liddle.