The KRI Nanggala Missing – Indonesian navy submarine found dead

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The KRI Nanggala, 40-year-old Indonesian navy submarine, who sank off the coast of BaliĀ  with 53 others, has been found split in three parts on sea bed.

Report says he disappeared after requesting permission April 21, to dive during live torpedo exercises in the Bali Sea, which was the last time he was seen. The next time he was seen was when his body was found days later on the sea bed, split into three parts.

All efforts made by the authorities to find him failed though they had searched from a depth of more than 800m (2,600 ft). The cause of the disaster is still being investigated according to reports, an underwater rescue vehicle loaned by Singapore was sent down to get visual confirmation of the wreckage.

Amongst all the 53 who sunk none was recovered.

Navy spokesman Julius Widjojono told the Reuters news agency that, “The salvage is over.” as the search has been over.

“The KRI Nanggala is divided into three parts, the hull of the ship, the stern of the ship, and the main parts are all separated, with the main part found cracked,” he told reporters on Sunday.The head of Indonesia’s military, Hadi Tjahjanto, confirmed that there was no chance of finding any of the crew alive.

“With deep sadness I can say that all 53 personnel on board have died,” he added.