Ted Cruz daughter twitter, TikTok of a viral Christmas card

By | January 1, 2022

Ted Cruz daughter twitter, TikTok of a viral Christmas card

A relationship with a famous politician can bring a lot of baggage, especially if you are a child who is not required to be born with your father. Recently, Ted Cruz’s daughter, Caroline Cruz, is such a political kid. Her family Christmas cards showed that she was not having a good time, which caused a sensation to a certain extent.

Maddie Jenkins, the daughter of a Dallas County judge, posted a viral video on TikTok in which she commented on Ted Cruz’s eldest daughter, 13-year-old Caroline Their Christmas card looks very miserable. On the front of the card is the whole family, including Ted’s youngest daughter Catherine, and inside the card are Caroline and Catherine holding their pet. In the two photos, Caroline seems to absolutely refuse to smile.

Caroline then commented on the video and said that she was the poor child in the photo. McGrady also said that she was allowed to continue posting this post because Caroline found it interesting.

“Okay, thank you very much for your comment, because my dad saw it. The only reason I didn’t have trouble is because you thought it was funny,” McGrady wrote in response to Caroline’s comment.

Thanks in large part to the video, Caroline’s TikTok has gained a large number of new fans. Her account also gained popularity because she answered a question in McGrady’s video commentary asking if she agreed with her ultra-conservative father politically, and she said “not often”.

In the first video following the surge in the number of followers, Caroline made a list of the pros and cons of becoming Ted’s daughter, including her reiteration that she disagrees with him on almost everything.

Caroline also explained that the Christmas card photo has been edited to make it look like the shirt she is wearing covers her torso, when in fact it is a crop top.

She also explained that she was bisexual, but she had not told her father because she was nervous. “I don’t think he will be angry about it,” she added.

Just a few hours after Caroline revealed that she was bisexual, Caroline’s account suddenly became private. This sudden change in the account status led many people to believe that Caroline’s father discovered the account and ordered his daughter to make it private.

Caroline’s opening up on social media reminded many people of Claudia Conway. She used social media to post news about her parents Kylian and George, the two conservatives totally opposed to Donald Tron. Pu’s faith. Claudia’s post spread in the latter part of the Trump administration, and Ted may wish to avoid being the core of similar stories.

Caroline’s viral spread is much shorter than Claudia, and it may take a while before we see her publicly post on social media. She is still young, and her parents absolutely have the right to determine her behavior online, even if you find their political views disgusting.​​​