Taylor Robinson missing – death – $10,000 reward for unsolved Akron teen’s murder

Taylor Robinson missing – Family of Akron teen, Taylor Robinson, increase reward, for solving the murder case of their daughter, as they seek justice

19-year-old Taylor Robinson  a teenager from Akron, who was reportedly last seen on May 3, 2013, was found dead same year, and her grieving family are seeking justice for her, as they appeal to the public for help with a $10,000 reward, for the person who helps to solve the mystery.

The missing teen was last seen by her mother, on May 3, 2013, when she was dropped off, by her mother, at a home health care job in the 700 block of Kipling Ave. in Akron, and was not seen or heard from, until she was found dead.

What happened to Taylor Robinson?

Her grieving mother Carmella Rucker said, “I told her I loved her. And, I told her I would see her in the morning. She said ‘ok, I love you’.”  She revealed that she was convinced her daughters disappearance was not ordinary. “I knew she didn’t just wander off. I knew something was wrong,” Rucker said.

Where was Taylor Robinson remains found?

After the strong search that lasted for months, Taylor’s remains were found on September, 2013, by hikers in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. This was the most horrible news that could be broken to her family at the time. Her mother decided not to give up the quest of finding out what happened to her daughter.

Years later and the case is still strong as the reward keeps rising and has now become $10,000. According to Akron police, the investigation is still open.

Lt. Michael Miller said, “We are hoping the increase in reward might stimulate the conscience of someone in the community that may assist up with providing the family the long-awaited justice they deserve.”

Anyone with a tip or information on the case can contact Crimestoppers at 330-434-COPS or Tim Dimoff direct at 330-255-1101, ext. 303.

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