Tara Strozier Missing – Arkansas missing woman found dead in a pound

Tara Strozier, Missing Arkansas woman has been found dead in a pond and three suspects arrested in relation to her case.

Tara Strozi, 40 year-old was seen last on Tuesday July 17th in Fort Smith, Arkansas, on July 19 she was reported missing.

The search for the missing woman began immediately she was reported missing and Five days later her car was found abandoned in Cameron, Oklahoma, authorities said.

The police found the body of the Arkansas woman last week weighed down in a pound in Oklahoma. They believe she had been tortured before she was killed and dumped in the pound.

The Police has since then made an arrest of three people suspected to be related to her murder.

Alex Davis, 30, one of the suspects allegedly admitted to killing her. Austin Johnson, 23, was with him during the killing and the last person arrested was charged for obstructing  an officer Kaelin Hutchinson, 24. The other two suspects arrested has been charged with murder.