Sydney West Missing – Has missing Bay Area college student been found?

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Sydney West Found – Has the 20 year-old Bay Area student who has been missing since September 2020 been found?

New York, U.S – Sydney West, a Bay Area college student has been missing since September 20th, 2020.

According to reports, the 20 year-old woman had gone missing after she was seen last on the Golden Gate Bridge on Sept. 30, 2020 just before 7am. She was said to have visited the bridge often and usually went exercising in Crissy Field whenever she visited.

The father of the 20 year-old also said he had talked to her earlier that day before she went missing and no one has seen or heard from her since then. Her social media was also said to have been inactive and no transaction made on her bank cards.

Family of Sydney West offers $25,000 reward to help find her:

The family of Sydney misses her so much and according to reports they have been searching tirelessly to find her since she went missing.

According to sources, they have offered a reward up to $25,000 to anyone who gives information that leads directly to finding their daughter.

Jay West father of Sydney said “We talked for a long time. A couple hours. We talked a lot about loving each other. I fully expected to talk to her the next day.” There’s just a lack of evidence that she’s not with us anyone,” Jay West said. “We are going to keep looking. It’s a really simple concept. Millions of eyes are going to locate her better than 20 sets, Syd, I’ve always loved you from the bottom of my heart, since the minute I saw your eyes open. Come home.”

What are authorities doing to help find Sydney West?

The Authorities has carried out several search in the areas where she was seen last but the search has turned up nothing.

Report says cameras on the Golden Gate Bridge recorded Sydney the morning she went missing but the cameras was said to have not captured everything as its focus was directed elsewhere, making it impossible to know what happened to her.

The authorities questioned friends and all who had seen her within the period but couldn’t get much information. They also appealed to the public to help in the search for the missing 20 year-old.

A private investigator was also hired to help find her.

Sydney West Found:

The authorities has not confirmed that Sydney has been found and at the time of this report, she is still considered a missing person.

What can you do to help find Sydney West?

You can help in the case by sharing this post from our Facebook and Twitter as this will help create awareness of the missing person.

Anyone who has seen or heard from Sydney West since the reported date or had information that can help find her has been asked to contact private investigator Scott Dudek by texting or calling 925-705-8328.