Susan Walsh Missing – Disappearance of American writer from New Jersey

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Susan Walsh Missing – What happened to successful American writer who has been missing from New jersey for 25 years.

New Jersey, U.S – Susan Walsh was said to be a successful investigative journalist before she went missing. She was said to have recently pursued a story about the Russian mafia and New York City’s underground vampire community this people believed had something to do with her disappearance although it was never proven to be through.

Disappearance of Susan Walsh:

Susan Walsh was said to have been seen last by ex-husband when she dropped their son with him and went out. She was residing at the time in in an apartment complex in Nutley, New Jersey.

On July 16th 1996, she was said to have left to run errands and was never seen or heard from since then.

Walsh was said to have just completed a book she titled ‘Red Light’ before she went missing.

Search for Susan Walsh:

Authorities began searching for Walsh immediately she was reported missing by her ex-husband after she failed to return to pick up their son.

Walsh’s ex-husband was initially a suspect in the case of her disappearance but was however free from all charges when nothing was found that implicated him to her disappearance.

Authorities did all they could to find her. Her case was one of the most widely recognized missing person’s case in New Jersey at the time as it was featured in several newspapers and media outlets.

According to reports, ‘Walsh’s case has been profiled on multiple television programs, including Unsolved Mysteries in 1997 and Disappeared in 2012. She was the subject of a 1998 book titled Piercing the Darkness: Undercover with Vampires in America Today by Katherine Ramsland.’

Has Susan Walsh been found?

No reports have said Susan was found so she is still considered missing.

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