Susan King Strasinger Has Died: Obituary,

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Susan King Strasinger Death: Obituary,

We are sad to announce the death of Susan King Strasinger, who died aged 82, Friday Alabama on August 11, 2021. The cause of her death is yet to be released to the public.

She was born to Dr. Francis and Dorothy King on the 2nd of July, 1939 in Boston, Massachusetts. she was married to Howard “Harry” Strasinger who died about 25 years ago.

Susan was brought up in Derry, New Hampshire. she attended the University of Maine and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in medical technology.

She also studied at Virginia Polytechnical Institute and State University where she earned her Master of Science degree. She went on to receive her Doctor of Arts degree from The Catholic University of America.

She worked as the Director of the Medical Laboratory Technician Program at Northern Virginia Community College. She has a kick in teaching students about medical technology.

Susan is survived by her brothers, Bruce King, Richard Barbaro, Phil Barbaro, and other family members.



Geraldine Milallos said “Thank you for your contribution in my professional career. Your book is such a huge help. RIP”

Ami Laurene mentioned “RIP Susan! She contributed so to our field. What a wonderful woman and scientist.
I will carry you on in thought throughout my work as an MLT.”

Rene Jesus Alfredo Dinglasan said “May your soul rest in peace, Ma’am. A great person who contributed so much in the field of medical laboratory science. Thank you very much for the knowledge you shared with us.”

Wilson Rey also said “Thank you for all your contributions to the Clinical Laboratory Field. Your book, Urinalysis and Body Fluids, is a personal favorite. May you rest in peace Susan.”