Stephanie Crane Missing – Disappearance of Idaho girl who went missing from bowling alley in Challisand

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Stephanie Crane Missing – What happened to girl missing from Idaho since 1993.

Idaho, U.K – Disappearance of Stephanie Crane, one of America’s most popular missing person’s case.

The case of Crane was said to have been reported nation wide by America’s Most Wanted and CNN.

What happened to Stephanie Crane?

The question what happened to Crane cannot be fully answered as she is till missing and no one has been able to come up with what exactly happened to her.

However, what we know is that Crane was only 9 year-old when she went bowling with her friends after school and never returned home. She hasn’t been seen or heard from since then.

Crane was said to have been seen last on October 11th, 1993 before leaving to bowl with her friends. Her friends when asked said she had left the bowling alley in Challisand was supposedly headed to home but never made it there.

Search for Stephanie Crane:

The the Custer County Sheriff’s Office, Search and Rescue and the Challis Volunteer Fire Department began search for the 9 year-old immediately she was reported missing by her mother.

A door to door interviews was reportedly carried out in the area in which someone had said they saw headed towards home. This became a clue for the police as they search all areas from where she went bowling to her residence but still did not find Crane.

The case received national recognition and was reportedly featured by America’s Most Wanted and CNN.

Flyers were said to have been distributed by volunteers and members of the family of the girl.

Multiple sources also said a nation wide bulk mailing of flyers was done. All of this and more was done and yet there was no sign of Crane or clue as to what had happened to her.

sadly, both parents of the girl was said to have passed away without getting answers as to what happened to her.

Stephanie Crane $50,000 reward:

A reward of $50,00 was offered to help find Crane who should now be 36 year-old. The reward is reportedly still effective.

The reward is for anyone who brings information that helps solve the case which is still opened.

Stephanie Crane age progression:

Last year, an age progression picture was released by the authorities which they believe might help solve the case.

The picture of what the 36 year-old might look like is attached below.

Stephanie Crane description:

9 year-old Crane was described as a White female who was approximately 4’2″ feet tall and weighed about 85 pounds. She was said to have brown hair and blue eyes.

Distinctive features were given as freckles on her face.

The last known clothing description of Crane was given as a maroon sweatpants and a maroon/white striped hooded shirt with ‘Gimme’ inscribed at the front.

Has Stephanie Crane been found?

At the time of this report, Crane remains missing.

What can you do to help find Stephanie Crane:

You can help find Crane by sharing this post on your social media from our Facebook and Twitter to help create awareness of the missing person.

Anyone who has information that can help in the case has been asked to contact the Custer County Sheriffs Office at (208) 879-2232 or you can call the Custer County Sheriff tip line at (208) 879-5372 and leave a message. You can also call the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-842-5678).